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The first light dragoon troops were originally raised in the mid18th century for reconnaissance and patrolling. Two sergeants, 4th light dragoons summary two sergeants, fulllength view, standing, facing each other. The army of the us historical sketches of staff and line with portraits of generalsinchief. On the 22nd of march, as three troops of the thirteenth light dragoons, commanded by lieut. Full text of historical record of the thirteenth regiment. The light dragoons is a light cavalry regiment in the adaptive force. On the 22nd of september this gallant officer, with only two hundred and fifty horse. Historical record of the sixteenth, or, the queens regiment of light dragoons, lancers microform. Wo 121044, muster books and pay lists, 12th light dragoons, 25th september. In 1779, john, lord sheffield raised a light dragoon regiment that was styled 22nd light dragoons but this was disbanded in 1783. The th light dragoons were at the forefront of the famous charge of the light brigade during the crimean war, and subsequently immortalised by the words of the poet tennyson. Brigadier allan lawrence mallinson is an english author and was an officer in the british army. The 22nd dragoons was the title held by four separate cavalry regiments of the british army. Some minor changes are noted at the end of the book.

Check out the new look and enjoy easier access to your favorite features. Lineage book of british land forces 16601978 by dr j b m frederick. Light dragoons a regimental history, 17152009 general. The militia act of 1757 provided for men to serve in the militia at home in order to counter any threat arising while the majority of the regular army was stationed abroad. Every soldier in the light dragoons is trained to use the jackal 2 armoured vehicle, but theyre just as capable at operating. The 15th light dragoons hussars xvld home facebook. This is the official fb page for the light dragoons who are englands light cavalry regiment. The regiment was a player in the battle of white plains in 1776. From the early 17th century onward, dragoons were increasingly also employed as conventional cavalry, trained for combat with swords from horseback dragoon regiments were established in most european armies during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. This book is a terrific testament to the regiments tradition of proud service in war. A collection of 1 titles on the history of the british army. When, in 1715, the protestant hanoverian king george i ascended to the throne of the united kingdom, brigadier dormer was amongst a number of officers commissioned to raise troops for the king in. William bull was in the 19th light dragoons, later transferring, in order to remain in india, to the 25th light dragoons and the carnatic european veteran battalion. The th joins the 23rd light dragoons posted a few days ago, with the 22nd light dragoons and complete tables of the light dragoon facing colors to follow soon as well.

On its arrival in england the regiment received about four hundred recruits, also a large draft from the eighteenth light dragoons, and it was soon restored to a state of. The fifteenth kings light dragoon hussars is a reenactment group depicting the famous unit from its birth in 1759. His soninlaw william drudge joined the 25th light dragoons. The thirteenth, raised as heavy dragoons mounted infantrymen as early as 1715, were also converted. The first entry for a recruit in a muster book usually gives his age, place of. Bull family history in india from cathy days archived website family history in india. The following officers were appointed to the regiment by commissions dated the 22nd of july, 1715. The first regiment of light dragoons at fort leavenworth, recently inspected. They are highly experienced operationally with 14 tours of the balkans during the 1990s. Allan mallinson, a former commanding officer of the th18th hussars, follows with. The 23rd light dragoons were first raised in 1781 for special service in india. The other cavalry regiments consist of dragoon guards, heavy and light. The first regiment of light dragoons at fort leavenworth, recently inspected by the commanding general, was found to be in a state of police and discipline reflecting the highest credit on colonel kearnythe exemplary commandant, his captains and other officers, noncommissioned officers and soldiers, whose high health and vigilance, with.

But with the outbreak of the first world war, the role of the light dragoons regiment began to evolve. British army uniform, british uniforms, conquistador, british history, art. Although only formed in december 1992, the light dragoons look back to a history that began in the days of the first jacobite rebellion. A regimental history, 17152009 first edition by eric hunt isbn. Colonel patrick doherty, with major boyse, captain macalister, lieutenants doherty, drought, and lawrence, and brigademajor dunbar, approached st. Organized december 1777 and january 1778 at wethersfield, ct and middlebrook, nj, 4 troops ct, troop ma, and 1 troop from nj. Light dragoons produced by brian coe, john campbell and the online. A regimental history, 17152009 general military paperback november 22, 2011. Originally, each regiment of cavalry formed a light troop, but so successful was the idea that whole regiments were formed. Living history days are free with museum admission. Nara microfilm publication m1856, discharge certificates and miscellaneous records relating to the discharge of soldiers from the regular army, 17921815 6 rolls reproduces discharge certificates and miscellaneous other records relating to the discharge of soldiers from the regular army, 17921815. Currently based in swanton morley, norfolk, they are commanded by lieutenant colonel angus watson mbe. The following brief history is derived from the cavalry journal, volume 31, jan nov 1941.

Published with the full cooperation of the light dragoons regimental. Living history days are produced in conjunction with the exhibition revolution. Lists of eligible men in each parish were known as militia ballot lists and from these, the men actually chosen appeared in the militia lists. The department of confederate military records was formed by an act of the general assembly on march 12, 1912. See more ideas about war of 1812, war and american uniform. This 22nd light dragoons regiment served throughout the napoleonic wars. Contributor names fenton, roger, 18191869, photographer created published. It used to be fast horses that helped these multiskilled soldiers to cover the battlefield quickly today its the jackal 2 armoured vehicle. A guide to the department of confederate military records. Two sergeants, 4th light dragoons library of congress. The battle of fishers hill was fought and won september 22, 1864. Gaudens, four squadrons of french cavalry were discovered drawn up in front of the town. First regiment of cavalry the army of the us historical sketches of. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

Historical record of the sixteenth, or, the queens. Most of the titles are regimental histories written during the 1800s, the books are all in pdf format and come on a usb stick. Colonel george blathwayt 23rd light dragoons project. The 1922 reduction in the army saw the amalgamation of four regiments of hussars into the th18th hussars and the 15th19th hussars. In 1922 a reduction in the armys strength saw the amalgamation of four regiments of hussars into the th18th hussars and the 15th19th hussars. Light dragoons a regimental history, 17152009 general military. War of 1812 discharge certificates national archives. The project gutenberg ebook of historical record of the. His soninlaw william drudge joined the 25th light dragoons, later transferring in 1819, again to remain in india, to the 22nd light dragoons, and then the th light dragoons. Dragoons originally were a class of mounted infantry, who used horses for mobility, but dismounted to fight on foot. The 15 th light dragoons were the first ever 1759, and others quickly followed including the eighteenth and nineteenth.

Entered valley forge with 140 assigned 5 fit for duty. Pensions, kilmainham, discharges in ireland, 4th light dragoons 4th hussars. The light dragoons are a formation reconnaissance regiment with a history in the reconnaissance role which dates back to the early 18th century. Newyork historical society 16th queens light dragoons. First regiment of cavalry the army of the us historical. The project gutenberg ebook of historical record of the third or. Mamelucchi portabandiera 180618 empire, book sites, french army, books to read. This act replaced the office of the secretary of virginia military records and appointed the secretary for a term of two years to be paid out of the military fund. See more ideas about british army, british and british uniforms.

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